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Christmas Sale! 2-"Ritratto di giovinetto", after Pietro Vannucci (1495)

Welcome to the second episode of my Christmas Sale!

The next piece I'm going to show you today is the copy of a painting by Perugino (Pietro Vannucci).

"Portrait of a Boy" is a 1495 oil on wood panel portrait, now in the Uffizi in Florence. In the past it has been attributed to Lorenzo di Credi, Viti, Jacopo Francia, Raphael and others, but Giovanni Morelli's reattribution of it to Perugino is now widely accepted.

Couldn't it be a unique portrait of the young Raffaello Sanzio at the age of 11: in fact he arrived in Perugino's workshop just a year before to start his apprenticeship? I think so.

Enjoy the video and don't forget that on this piece as on the others I'm going to post in the next days, you can take advantage of very good prices until December 10th: do not miss this chance!

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