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Oil Painting lessons

I'm happy to invite you to join me for individual and group lessons to learn  HOW to paint according to the Techniques and Materials in use in Europe between 1400 and 1600:

the Golden Period of Western Painting.

By attending the lessons you will have the opportunity to learn the 7 STEPS of the traditional methods of the most famous ancient Masters:


  1. - canvas framing,

  2. - preparation of the base (priming - imprimitura),

  3. - compilation of the drawing,

  4. - realization of pictorial mediums and varnishes,

  5. - colours preparation,

  6. - glazing,

  7. - final varnishing


Days and timetables can be defined based on the needs of

each participant or small group.


Location of the course: Intavolata di Acquappesa (CS).

For info and reservations: 347.2661369 - email:


Two apartments are available for the students coming from outside the region: please check them out here: APARTMENTS



the beach down the studio

The studio is located in Calabria: if you want to know more about this region of the south of Italy please visit:




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