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"The hungry fox"

"When in one of my works I mention someone else's, or scroupously copy the Master works of the past, I know I'm not original nor expressing particular ideas; but I'm sharing universal feelings, emotions and meanings. I see myself as a simple storyteller and as a "perpetuator" of archetypes and techniques. Citing and paying homage to collegues and Masters, has always been normal in the past and it is what has allowed man to improve the means and the expression of traditional values, as well as to avoid that so many works lost, stolen or destroyed, disappeared forever. From a certain point on, all this was sacrified on the altar of the "search for the new", in one word for "originality": what derived from this, it was an incremental lost of quality in almost all areas." M.T

"Hungry fox", oil on canvas, 51 x 65 cm, tribute to four Masters: Aesop, Apelles, Leonardo and @Willstjohn.


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